Where to visit Vietnam on a 12 day tour

Well, Vietnam is a country that shouts vacation like no other country. A 12 day Vietnam tour will get you the real insights of a fabulous vacation. A visit to Vietnam allows you to create another fortress of the actual definition of a paradise on earth. Get your holiday at Vietnam packed with a lot of fun and epic adventure of a lifetime. You will be surprised what a tour to Vietnam in 12 days will get you. Be steady because you might get thrown off balance with the fabulous experience.

12 day vietnam tour

Day 1- 4 (Hanoi- Halong Bay)
Get your holiday to an excellent start in the spectacular city of Hanoi where you will catch a glimpse of the Vietnamese culture. Admire the ancient architecture that has remained unperturbed for centuries lining up the streets and especially the Old Quarter. You will enjoy appreciating the Vietnamese war of preserving their history. It is at Hanoi that you taste the delicacies of the Vietnamese. Be warned; it is never enough! A tour of the city is not complete without a visit to the Hoan Kiem lake where you will learn about its myths. You might get chills. For a family tour, your kids will enjoy the water puppet show at the well-decorated museums and operas at Hanoi.

The fascinating scenery of Halong Bay will completely blow your mind and wake up to it, in one of the islands, is just a tip of the iceberg for an exciting time at the Bay. You can never let a bright say T Halong BAY go to waste without a cruise around the massive Limestone Island and the gorges. Bathing under the sun on the cool white sands of the Bay is also a perfect way to unwind. The bay has large caves such as Surprising cave, Dau Go cave, Thien Cung grottoes. Take a day to tour the world’s natural heritage and let it swallow you whole to its heart-rending environment. You have to experience it.

sapa trekking tour

Day 5-10 (Sapa-Hue-Hoi-An)
One of the things to do in Vietnam is to take a break from the city life and unwind in the rural setting. A night train from Halong Bay to Sapa creates the perfect transition from city to a remote area. On your 12 day Vietnam tour, take a trip to the remote area of Sapa and enjoy the peaceful scenery that is out of this world. Graced with, hilly terrains, Sapa is perfect for trekking and hiking. You can also get a bicycle to navigate the tedious landscape. What a good way to work out. Read more about Sapa!

From Sapa, you can take a train to Hanoi before heading to the historic town of Hue. If you did not hear it yet, Hue has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the city, you can travel back in time and experience the ancient life through the Thien Mu Pagoda and several other ruins that will drop your jaw and give you the thrills and excitement of being part of history. Visit the magnificent ancient temples and old citadels that existed. Hue is a magical town that can only explain itself when you visit. You will love it.

Your next stop on your visit to Vietnam is the ever busy city of Hoi An. Malls filled with shops retailing clothes swarm the city, sprawling in each and every corner. It will be a taboo if you fail to get a cloth tailor-made. Do not underestimate the works of the Vietnamese tailors. They will amaze you with graphic designs of dresses and well fitting suits.  Take time to unwind at the beaches in Hoi An as you wait for your clothes to be ready. Relax at the beaches you freely allow the water to sweep your worries and troubles. It is a therapy in its unique way. For a romantic evening with your loved one, the Japanese bridge completes your time at Hoi An. The structure at its location, speaks a language only understood by those who tour the bridge.

hoi an ancient town

Day 11-12  (Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City)
Make your holiday memorable with a balance between two unusual places to visit. The Ho Chi Minh City is the city with many amenities and many stories to tell. It has the tale of the American war, parks and temples. One of the things to do in Vietnam is to visit the war remnants museums. Witness the entire war as it is told to you by fantastic tour guides in detail.

Crowning the tour, Vietnam in 12 days at Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon is a visit to the Cu Chi tunnels. The tunnels create a permanent mark on the underground of Vietnam soils running for miles. The tunnels were used by the Vietnamese soldiers in the American war to serve many purposes. It was used to move and capture enemy troupes and protect the soldiers from vicious attacks. Cu Chi tunnels were also used to house displaced mothers and children from bombs and harassments from enemy tropes. For so many reasons, the tunnels leave a mark of memories unity and peace on the soil that every visitor appreciates when they visit Vietnam.

Let the 12 day Vietnam tour reserve your energy because of the epic adventure at the Mekong Delta. If you want to pump your adrenaline, Kayaking at the Delta will get you going. With the Kayaks, you can tour the floating markets at the Delta. Enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood at the market as you interact with the locals. One thing you should know is that Vietnamese are charming and friendly. You can never get tired of being around them. Do not forget to take photographs of the floating markets and village; it is something you do not see every day.

At the end of the 10 day period, you will love to travel back to Vietnam on another excursion. I mean, it is Vietnam, who would not love it? With its affordability, this is your next favourite holiday destination.  If you have not booked your ticket, what are you waiting for, get your Vietnam tour package depending on your preference and start creating memories this Holiday?

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