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Though small, Cambodia is country with a big history.It is one of Asia’s fastest growing countries. With friendly locals,rural landscapes and wonderful coastlines, you are definitely in for a treat.

Good news is that most nationalities are qualified for a Cambodia visa on arrival. Whether you are planning a short-term stay in Cambodia for pleasure or business, you are required to apply for a 1 or 3 month visa. How do I obtain my visa? Easy! Visit the embassies or consulates in your country. For some reason you cannot get to the embassy, don’t sweat it. The visa can be mailed to you.

Another option of obtaining your visa to Cambodia would be the Vietnam pre-arranged visa (visa on arrival).The name only makes sense after you make arrangements before your arrival.

You are required to fill the visa application form online after which you pay a service fee to the agent who will work on your paperwork. After 2 or 3 days, you will receive a confirmation letter from Cambodia Immigration Department informing you that you can get your passport stamped together with a visa once you arrive at either of the below internationally recognized airports: Phom Penh Airport,Siem Reap Airport and Bavet airport.

Visa .Check. Now you are probably wondering when the best time to visit Cambodia is. Well, the weather usually is the determining factor. Cambodia has two seasons, the dry and the wet. November to April is characterized by minimal rainfall meaning the roads get a bitdusty. This period is usually busy and the temples and most of the tourist attraction sites are seen to be crowded.Silver lining to this season is that the beach at Kep and Sihanoukville has the most sunshine and for the beach lovers, this is good news.

If you are looking forward to seeing rice paddies, beautiful skies and full fosses around the temple of Angkor, May to October is the time to visit Cambodia.Scuba diver? Lucky time for you is between December and June as the waters during this season is as clear as crystal.

So you have decided when the best time is for you, here are top places to visit in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh has time and again been regarded as one of the friendliest capitals in Asia. Being the capital city of Cambodia, it receives a lot of tourists and with its large infrastructure, it is able to cater for all of them.Be sure to visit Royal Palace, Wat Phnom and National Museum of Cambodia for an unforgettable experience and a touch of the Cambodians culture.

The Cambodia tour package is sure to take you to Battambang town. Small and peaceful,this town is located along SangkaeRiver.Most intriguing features about the town are French-style constructions and the landscapes in KampingPuoyBassin,PrasatBanan temple and the PrasatSnung temple.

Stop by Angor Wat and see with your own eyes the largest religious monument in history. It incorporates two plans of Khmer temple architecture, that is, the galleried temple and the mountain temple.

If you are looking for hip hotels, a chic dining experience and marvelous spas, Siem Reap is a must go. Find both modern and historic artifacts in the Angkor National Museum and great paintings in Wat Bo. Visit the Old Market for traditional and modern dishes at very reasonable prices.

Wild land with a large forest coverage, Banlung is perfect for those who love jungle trekking and long walks. Being a vast land, the treks may last for a day to even a week. If you are one to love culture and history, this province is where you should be.It is home to a large number of ethnic minorities.Other places to visit in Banlung are: YeakLaom volcanic lake, Chaong waterfall and Wat Rahtanharahm.

What to eat?
Unlike other Asian Countries,Cambodian food is not as spicy. As people prefer food that has acquired a smoky flavor from a charcoal stove, it is common to find such stoves in modern restaurants.For breakfast, try the geautieuv sop(rice noodles with chicken or pork) and you could accompany it with bean sprouts and a bit of lime juice, to taste. Buy baguettes and the grolan from the street hawkers in the afternoon and be sure to buy some for your Cambodia travel agent. Remember Cambodia is a very friendly country. Doing that is friendly!

Fish for most Cambodians, is the main source of protein. Available in plenty, it is served in several ways. Amok is a fish curry that is mixed with coconut milk and banana leaves seasonings added to taste. Eating Amok should be on your list of things to do in Cambodia. Fish from Tonle Sap Lake is usually large and is best eaten dry. It is sliced lengthwise and grilled over charcoal.

“Nyambai” refers to eating in Cambodia. Because rice is the staple food in the country, the phrase literally means “eat rice”. Interesting!

Did you know that public display of affection is offensive in Cambodia? I bet not. This fact is essential lest you are used to doing this in your country. Linking arms and holding hands is very uncommon in the country. Drinking or hanging out with a man who is not your husband according the Cambodian culture is deemed unacceptable. Though with more interactions with the cosmopolitan, you are able to spot groups of girls and boys together.

Handshakes are common between men. The sompeyar form of greeting is used by the Cambodian women to greet the foreigners. It is a gesture of politeness and is characterizedby hands and palms placed together with the fingers pointing up at chest level .To complete the sompeyar, the women incline their heads slightly forward.

Tip for free, travellers are bestowed more respect if they dress modestly. Cambodian women resort to blouses rather than t-shirts and knee-length skirts.It is therefore recommended that you avoid skimpy attire unless you’re at the beach.

In case you visit a Cambodian home, remember to remove your shoes. It is not uncommon for the Cambodians to stare at you as a tourist. Do not feel shy or angry as this is a very common phenomenon.

Boys in Cambodia usually wear earrings in the hope that it will assist in an undescended testicle. Therefore if you are a man who wears earrings and you happen to visit Cambodia, expect giggles. You should thank me for this fact!

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