Why visit Laos in 2017

laos tour 2017

You may have experienced vacations that have blown your mind over the years. It may have probably been the best time of your life at that holiday tour, with sandy beaches and an endless horizon of clear waters. Make a change for the best at the Laos travel tour 2017 this weekend. Enjoy the incredible life at the landlocked country with laid back cities and nature unperturbed by humanity.  Re-write the script during your Laos tour 2017 that a vacation is only complete when there is a beach. Have the pleasure to be among the few who get to a city with room enough for you to move and without noise and fumes all over. This year it is all about the tour to Laos in 2017.

Hike and Dine at Nong Kiau
Get your muscles ready for the startling terrain full of walking paths, mountain climbing and biking adventure at Nong Kiau. The Architecture of the remote village is also a site to behold owing to the Chinese habitation. You can enjoy a romantic sunset evening at the Nam Ou River on the bridge that connects the two parts of the Nong Kiau village. The breathtaking view of the mountains and the incredible landscape will knock you off balance. It gets better in the evening when the sun is setting, and the Rays struggle to pierce trough the thick mist at the peak of the mountain. You cannot have enough of the Nong Kiau village filled with nature’s best formation, the caves. The Pha Tok Caves, located a distance from Nong Kiau town bestows beauty and history. The caves are a place worth visiting during your tour to Laos in 2017.

The unbelievable Tham Kong Lo
Your Laos tour 2017 is full of more fun, adventure and discovery. Brace yourself for a trip to the wonder of the Southern Asia. Ensure that you do not miss out on a tour while floating to another world.  The Tham Kong Lo beholds the sheer beauty of nature man has ever come across. Apparently, the Tham Kong Lo has not felt an inch of humanity in its surrounding. The locals believe that the emerald color of the pool is scared and is a reflection of the Hindi’s god skin color. Trust me when I say that it could be true. Explore the giant Karst cave to the interior and maybe take a dip in the water if allowed by the tour guides. Taking a boat ride in the cave is quite the epic adventure you are are seeking in the Laos travel tour 2017. It feels like floating on clear glass. How thrilling!

The spectacular Boko Natural Reserve
The Boko Natural Reserve is much more than a reason to visit the beautiful country during the Laos travel tour 2017. The tour not only brings you fun and laughter but also adds you to be part of a greater conservation project to raise awareness to preserve wilderness.  Experience the most of the Gibbon experience as you take a tour to the vast canopy rainforest filled with tree houses. You enjoy the thrill of moving from one tree house to another trough zip-lines and footbridges. You will agree that this is nothing that you will find back at home.

Quick and affordable Visa
Who wants tiresome and lengthy procedures for anything at all? No one intends to spend an entire year planning and applying for a Visa to go for vacation. You will be exhausted even before the holiday starts. Good news for those traveling to Laos during your tour to Laos in 2017. You can get your Visas to Laos with short and precise application procedures. It only gets better on your Laos tour 2017 in that you can get your Visa on arrival to the Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse airports. What a wonderful way to kick-start your vacation?

Laos is the best place to visit this holiday because of the proximity to Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. After a fun filled tour at Laos, you can stretch to the neighboring countries and extend the joy and adventure of the Laos travel tour 2017.

Enjoy the pristine climate
With the atmosphere like this is Laos, no one will blame you if you decide to move to the country.  Forget the cold winter season and say hello to the new season of the sun and cool breezes. The dry season which runs from November to March is the best time to make a tour to Laos in 2017.  It is a pleasant time to escape the snow back at home and enjoy warm evenings, and sunny says with your family.

Vast cultural attractions.
Get to experience the Laos culture first hand o your Laos tour 2017. One thing that will catch your eye is the amazing architecture of the numerous temples that have been there for centuries. The stupa of Pha That Luang is the first monument that will attract you to the Vientiane city.  It is surprising that for five centuries, the three-layered monument covered in gold has stood unchanged. You can call the entire country a UNESCO world heritage site owing to its widely known preserved culture and particularly in the Luang Prabang, the ancient capital.  You can walk the spotlessly clean streets of the capital as you enjoy the view of the gilded temples well preserved.

Have the pleasure of enjoying time at the mysterious megalithic plain of jars on your tour to Laos in 2017. What happened at the site will juggle your mind with various possibilities. The stone jars that have scattered over the low foothills suffered damage from the American war in the 1960s. The only way you can experience goes on there is when you visit the place on your Laos travel tour 2017.

Pack up and be ready
You have more than a reason to make a Laos tour 2017. There is so much more willing to give you the wow factor you have been looking into for a perfect holiday with your family, friends and even spouse. Make it a weekend worth memorable with your loved ones. Book and reserve your tickets for a vacation worth remembering.

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