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cambodia tour

When you think of Cambodia, what come to your mind are the awe-inspiring temples. The magical temples of Angkor Wat, is any travelers first stop in Southern Asia. They are thought to be the Empire of gods. These Cambodia temples are matched by a few other spots in the world. Take a Cambodian tour to the temples, and it is literally heaven on earth for someone who believes that gods live in heaven. The temples are dwelling places of ancient Buddhist gods. It offers an existing throwback to the ancient and simple era of Cambodia. With over a hundred stone temples scattered throughout the Angkor region, Cambodia is a place you will surely feel spiritually nourished

Cambodian temples, especially the infamous Angkor Wat, are a perfect combination of Khmer religion, creative ambition and spiritual devotion of the Cambodian people. The temples are a source of encouragement and national pride to the Cambodian as they work hard to rise above poverty, political instability and the carnage and devastation that left the country with scars that are gradually healing. From being a hide out for a majority of people, the temples are today a pilgrimage destination for the Cambodians and as a traveler you would not want to miss this perfect chance to be mesmerized by the temples’ exquisite architecture and their interior splendor.

On a Cambodia temple tour, you will be taken around the spectacular Angkor Wat temple, a sacred religious site that is stunning for its striking grandeur and

beautiful detail in Siem Reap city. Get to know a little more about its history, meaning and features. Explore the more than 3000 enthralling heavenly nymphs carved into the walls of this temple’s walls. And that’s not all; you will be marveled by the Angkor Wat’s temple etiquette to show respect to these heavenly nymphs. Wake up early to catch the sunrise from the temple. The size, the one of a kind detail and intricacy and the symbolisms and symmetry inside is unforgettable. Marvel and appreciate the creative genius. A visit to the main tower on the central temple will bring you close to the Mountain Meru, which represents the centre of Buddhist and Hindu universe. Take a Cambodia temple tour to this temple and be mesmerized by the remains of Khmer Empire and bear witness to this wonderful ruins.

Take a Cambodia temple tour to Phnom Chissor, a temple that sits on a hill near Phnom Penh. It is a small Hindu temple that is even older than the Angkor Wat temple by more than one hundred years. A view from this temple is marvelous. From a top, you can watch the spectacular river deltas and stilted houses amidst rice fields. The elderly monks living in the Phnom Chissor temple are friendly and will gladly take you around the temples to see more sandstone temple ruins.

You can then take a motorbike on your Cambodia temple tours to the one of a kind temple ruins in Sambor Prei Kuk. This is the ancient kingdom of Chenla site home to a myriad of temples and monuments. The poor maintenance of this place from cleaning of the square stone walls, Shiva Lingmans, lion sculpture to the Octagonal towers of Sambor Prei Kuk adds to the rawness of exploration and explains perfectly the old age of these temples and monuments.

When is the best time to take a Cambodia temple tour? Well, you have the answer right here. Anytime of the day or night; for those afraid of the dark a temple tour during the day won’t be a bad idea and for the night owls you can join your fellow nocturnal birds in exploring the temples. Travel in a taxi or take a bus and pitch a tent so you can have a night adventure in Koh Ker region. Take a tour in the night with the bats and your guide in the more than fifty temples in   Koh Ker with most of it being ensconced in the jungle. Explore the breath taking Red Temple in this part of Cambodia which was home to King Jayavarman IV’s old thrown room and it resembles  the Mountain Meru.

Trekking is another wonderful experience on any Cambodia tour. Go hiking atop the highest cliff in the Dangkrek Mountains, a border between China and Cambodia to the Phreah Vihear temple. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its stone walls and courtyards spreading wide and are interconnected by old stairways. Go up to the eagle nest precipice and watch the incredible landscape of Cambodia rolling our beautifully to hills and plateaus covered by rice paddies. You can also watch the small Cambodian villages scattered in the beautiful Cambodian landscape. This is like something straight out of a movie set. Take a walk to the crumbled wing of the main temple and let your guide explain to you the hostilities between the two nations that led to the destruction of this wing by fire.  
Take a Cambodia temple tour to the undisputedly beautiful temple of Ta Prohm. It is a picturesque ruin with serene atmosphere. This temple brings a jungle feel with it; huge mystifying trees growing out of the ruins. This temple was abandoned and swallowed up by the jungle after the fall of th Khmer empire.

With knowledgeable guides, a Cambodia Temple tour is not enough until you visit the little know temples of Angkor. Take a tour to the mysterious temple of Banteay Kdei, known as a Citadel of cells. Though covered by vegetation, this presumed Buddhist monastery is something memorable. Take another tour to the uncompleted Ta Keo temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Get to understand the story behind its incompletion. Explore the unique architecture of construction with green sandstone of the Ta Keo temple. The view simply is worth it.

From the photogenic jungle-tangled temples to the temples in the city, with a variety of Cambodia tour packages you are sure to visit most of these temples. Take a Cambodia temple tour and be marveled by this part of the world.

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