Vietnam cuisine

Vietnam Cuisine differs remarkably between the north, south and central regions. Vietnam is famous for its wide range of exotic foods. Many external forces like climate, proximity to other countries with incredible foods and its history have greatly influenced Vietnam cuisine. The rivers and the sea provide Vietnam with fresh sea foods. Its mountainous regions have extremely fertile soils thus producing fresh fruits and vegetables. It being a former colony of China, some of the Chinese dining habits have stuck with the Vietnamese people; from use of chopsticks while dining to use of woks during cooking. But despite these and many more adopted cultures from the East, Vietnamese food has retained its character. Its food has stood the test of time.

vietnamese food

Traditional Vietnamese food is greatly admired for its fresh herbs and ingredients, minimal use of oils, unique cooking styles, a variety and harmony of textures, its emphasis on herbs and vegetables. With its particular use of fresh unrefined herb, meat and vegetables to achieve the great taste, and the balance diet it offers in its meals, Vietnamese food is deemed as one of the healthiest cuisine worldwide.

Vietnamese cooking classes provide great opportunity to taste Vietnam. Watch and learn how the prolific Vietnamese chefs prepare their popular dishes. At these cooking classes you are confident to not only learn how to prepare these herb-laden dishes but also learn how their food can be use as medicine and the Vietnamese food culture. You can also take part in one of the Vietnamese cooking classes and be introduced to different styles of Vietnamese cooking, Vietnamese food carving and plate decoration.

A delectable blend
Vietnamese food is one of the most diverse foods in the planet earth.  It is a blend of varied cooking techniques and flavors  adopted from the countries that colonized it and its own.  Like many regions in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has rice as its staple food. This is a noodles-crazy country. Noodles are eaten wet or dry, in soup or beside soup and are in many different shapes and sizes. A key portion of a meal in Vietnam is a platter containing fresh vegetables and herb like cucumbers, bean threads, slices of hot pepper, sprigs of basil, mint. Incredibly subtle in its flavors and outstanding in the variety it offers, Vietnamese food is a charming draw to anyone who is enthusiastic about exploring their taste buds; new flavors and anything food.

Glorious culinary traditions
There are plenty of ways that you can spice up your life while in Vietnam. From Northern Vietnam, Central Vietnam  to Southern Vietnam, you will never miss something sumptuous to dine in.

Due to its nearness to the border with China, the northern region has more Chinese influence on the cooking and dining habits. Vietnamese people in the northern region use intensely aromatic black pepper to give food its desired hotness and unique Vietnamese sweetness in place of chilies. Spicy herbs are equally essential in preparation of meals in this part of the country. For those seeking a mild taste in food northern Vietnamese food is what you are looking for since they are characterized by light  and neutral use of flavors giving it a subtle  combination of the various flavoring ingredients used.

Inhabitants of this region exhibit a particular fondness for beef, a behavior adopted from the Mongolians when they invaded Vietnam in the 13th century.  Many widely known dishes in northern Vietnam are sea foods, especially crabs, with fish sauce, soy sauce, prawn sauce and lime as main flavoring ingredients.

vietnamese cuisine

In Central Vietnam the abundantly available spices makes it famous for its pungent foods. The region culinary traditions feature decorative and colorful foods due to the influence of the ancient Vietnamese noble cuisine. It is also known for its classy foods served in small portions with hot chilies and shrimp sauces among the frequently used ingredients in preparation.

In the southern region of Vietnam more tropical fruits and vegetables are available. The food in this region is pulsating and full of flavor with use of garlic, hot chilies replace to black pepper and other fresh, pungent herbs. Their style of cooking almost resembles that of Cambodia. Some of the Vietnamese food in the southern part uses sugar as one of the ingredients, even in spicy dishes. Presence of vast  shorelines make sea foods a staple food in  this part of Vietnam and coconut milk is used as a major ingredient in preparation of some meals.

Despite these regions having noticeably different dishes, the freshness of food, use of herbs and vegetables, balance in texture, broths or soup dishes and the colorful condiments accompanying Vietnamese meals are common features in these three regions.

Street eats
Street foods in Vietnam are one of the best things you should try on your trip to Vietnam. Vietnam boasts of many street foods outlets. Most of the cities in Vietnam resemble a huge open- air restaurant. Several street-side eateries offer cheap delicious foods that you can snack on as you admire the splendor of Vietnam cities. Its atmosphere and ambience is different from carrying the food to eat somewhere else.  Hang out with the locals as they show you the tastiest bits of the Vietnam cities.  

There are a variety of companies that offer to take visitors around the cities to the several hidden places you where you may sample weird, mouth watering foods as you get to know your way around the cities.

The most memorable aspect of travel is a delicious food. Dine on the sumptuous classic Vietnamese food. Find out the Chinese and French influence in the use of spices and cooking technique in preparation of these delicious foods as you go on an eating adventure. Enjoy the streets foods in Vietnam with the flavors of refreshing mint and a variety of herbs exploding in your mouth. Every mouthful makes you wonder where you been and what you have been eating. Broaden your gastronomic scope and attune your taste buds with much-loved Vietnam Cuisine. Everything is beyond delicious.

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