Local dishes and Vietnam street foods

Vietnam is a South Asian country that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. This nation enjoys its delicious foods made from the locally available crops and animal products. These meals are rich in nutrients and delicious because of Vietnamese prepare them. There are those meals that are found in all parts of Vietnam while others are only found in specific regions. Others are cooked using different methods.

vietnamese street food

Sa Ga- Lemongrass Chicken.
It is one of the most enjoyable meals in Hanoi. A slow cooked lemongrass chicken is a meal that is found on top of the menu for local and foreign people in Vietnam. It is a simple that require a little more time to cook.  It is delicious with the amount of flavor found in every small piece. The lemon grass which is so incredible is the only first additive in this meal. It is located in all parts of Vietnam.

Nuong – Gas Grill.
During the night, a lot of restaurants are put up on the streets and sidewalks by the local street food vendors. One of the most interesting things is that they sell meat on the small personal grill on which to prepare your ingredients. The unit is heated up, and the vendor returns some minutes later ith a plate of seafood or meat and some vegetables according to the customers’ tastes and preferences. You can order a combination of seafood and beef if you are in a group together with enoki mushrooms and local vegetables which makes it a complete meal. This meal is found in most parts of Vietnam, mostly served during supper time than lunch.

Bánh Canh – Ribbon Noodle Soup.
It is a favorite soup in Vietnam that involves a thicker noodle widely known as the Banh can. Rice and tapioca are the essential ingredients. The noodles, in this case, can be added to pho as well as combined with other variations of pork soups or thick beef rib and stews. It is found in towns all over Vietnam in street food vendors and restaurants.

Pho – Beef Noodle Soup.
It is the most common meal eaten by both locals and tourists. It is found everywhere in in restaurants and street food vendors of Vietnam. Different cooks have their ways of preparing pho. However, the important tip is to char the onion and ginger before adding the stock for a unique flavor. Other cooks use bones that have marrow, parboil and rinse the bones for a cleaner broth.

Lau Thap Cam – Hot Pot.
It is a typical cook-it-yourself dish in Vietnam. Instead of using a grill, a pot full of water or food is put on the table and heated until it boils. After cooking, meat and vegetables are prepared, they can be placed in a little at a time or in some cases all at one (depending on the size of the pot and the amount of the ingredients). It is more of a soup dish because it is served with a spoon. It is the most popular for dinner than lunch across the country.

Bánh Mì – Bread or Sandwich.
It is one of the Vietnamese street food that is widely consumed by local people and visitors to Vietnam. The food has a history with the French colonial rule in the region. It is believed that the French brought their baguette to make sandwiches. Thus, it was initially prepared with traditional French delicatessen ingredients, however, when they left Vietnam, the local people made this sandwich to have their usual fare.This great meal is made up of pickled vegetables, pate, fresh herbs, roasted pork, a variety of sauces and ingredients. It is available in almost all Vietnam street food vendors and restaurants all over the country.

vietnamese street food

Cà Phê Trúng – Vietnamese Egg Coffee.
It is a unique combination of egg yolk, condensed milk, and sugar taken by the locals for breakfast. These ingredients are wiped by hand and combined with coffee. It is sometimes known as the liquid tiramisu. It is found in most parts of Vietnam especially in the major cities.

Instant noodles.
These noodles are found on different sets of menus. They are used in place of other noodles because they take a little time to prepare and typically cheaper than fresh noodles. Instant noodles are an excellent combination with other dishes especially in a stir fry dish that is cooked in a wok. Other people in Vietnam usually boil it briefly and combine it with a bowl of soup. It is widely available meaning that it is a traditional comfort for the Vietnamese.

Mien Tron Tom Cua – Soya Noodles with Crab & Lobster (Shrimp).
The main ingredients of this meal are the delicate crab and lobster combined with soya noodles and hints of herbs. The noodles are boiled, seasoned, and a proportionate amount of crab and shrimp meat mixed with herbs is placed on top. The soup is served separately and not poured over the noodles. To make it even spicier lime, additional herbs, and chili sauce are served alongside. This combination is unique and mostly found in the streets of Hanoi.

Nem Cua Be Hai Phong – Crab Rolls of Hai Phong.
It is known as a specialty of a coastal province known as Hai Phong. The main ingredients of this dish include lean pork, kohlrabi, ground crab meat, ground crab tile, bean sprout, carrot, ear mushrooms, vermicelli and rice paper. It can be served with chopped cucumber and lettuce and a sour, spicy sauce.

Banh Goi Nong – Half Moon Spring Rolls.
They are large spring rolls that resemble empanada. The main ingredients include minced pork, sausage, cellophane noodles and mushrooms. The rounded shape is meant to accommodate a hardboiled egg. These rolls can be combined with different types of street foods of Vietnam. It is mostly found in the northern parts of the country.

Pork bun with egg.
Just like the Half Moon Spring Rolls, many pork buns are located in the northern parts of Vietnam. They also come with a hardboiled egg inside. Vietnamese buns appear to be larger in size than the one found in the neighboring countries so that they can accommodate all the traditional ingredients; that is, egg and pork. These eggs are found in regular sizes and slightly larger implying that both chicken and duck eggs can be used in these rolls. They are also found in the streets of Hanoi.

Roasted Chicken & Peanut Sauce.
A good number of Vietnamese are farmers rearing chicken in their firms. Moreover, some of them are crop farmers planting peanuts and vegetables. In most cases, this meal is only prepared on order. However, other business restaurant owners do not mind taking you through the whole process before you enjoy the meal. This delicious meal is only found at The Pub With Cold Beer in Phong Nha.

Wok-Tossed Fresh Cabbage.
This type of cabbage is grown in the shallow waters in some parts of Vietnam; that is why it is mostly known as swamp cabbage. Wok-Tossed Fresh Cabbage is prepared with little oil and seasoning in a wok. It is simple, tasty and delicious dish found in most parts of Vietnam. It is a side dish, but it can also be added to other dishes.

Thit Lon Tre – Bamboo Pork.
This food comprises of pork that is slow cooked inside bamboo. The pork is flavored with lemongrass and other herbs found in Vietnam. It is only popular in some parts of Vietnam.

Ram Heo – Pork Spring Rolls.
In the north of Vietnam, pork spring rolls are made with the thin white wrapper. However, in the central and southern parts of Vietnam, the spring rolls look more similar to egg rolls popular in Chinese fares. A combination of vegetables, cellophane noodles, pork and mushrooms make a delicious meal. These meals are cooked differently throughout Vietnam.

vietnamese spring rolls

Banh Bao Thit Bo – Beef Dumplings.
The beef dumplings are made with a clear wrapping. It is believed that they made with tapioca and rice flour. The two ingredients are then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed instead of frying. It, in turn, gives them a chewy texture and a refreshing flavor. This meal is only available in some parts of Vietnam.

Caramel Chicken.
This is a sweet and crispy meal majorly found in the main strip of Phong Nha. This meal takes the time to cook, but it is worth waiting. One of the famous restaurants in Vietnam is the bamboo café.  This dish has salty and spicy flavors. Its simplest ingredients make it popular among the Vietnamese restaurants.

Veggie Balls.
These tasty balls are crispy on the outside with soft and savory center. The veggies are wrapped in a light breading then deep fried to make it even sweeter. It is found in restaurants all over Vietnam and mostly in Phong Na.

Hoanh Thanh Ga – Wontons with Shrimp.
Pineapple and wontons with shrimp have a similar taste like the Vietnamese tostadas. In some places, the large fried wonton pieces that are stacked with sautéed shrimp, sauce, pineapple and a few herbs. It a very delicious dish used as an appetizer. It is primarily available in Hoi An.

Bánh Bao Bánh Vac – White Rose.
It is known as a Hoi An specialty that resembles a traditional steamed dumped except the filling remains only covered partially. It is served with a sweet and spicy sauce after sprinkling crispy wonton pieces on top. This unique dish is only found in Hoi An.

Cao Lâu – Yello Noodles with Pork and Vegetables.
This is another Hoi An specialty that comes in various colors and textures. The variation can be seen as yellow noodles, green herbs, a light broth and earthy pork. Flavors available include sweet, salty, earthy meat and a pop of herbs. This delicacy is found only in Hoi An.

Vit Giòn – Crispy Duck with Basil in Hoi An.
This dish is perfectly crispy on the outside and tender in the middle with savory and a sweet taste. It is found all over in this South Asian country, Vietnam.

Banh Trang Bo Nuong – Rice paper rolls with Baked Beef.
In a place known as Nha Trang, some restaurants sell rice paper. Something interesting with this meal in Nha Trang is they sever you with all the ingredients on the table so that you can do the wrapping and rolling on your own. Baked beef is part of the ingredients that gives the meal a unique taste. To make it tastier, cucumber, wontons, onion, lettuce, and herbs are rolled up together. It is then dipped in the sweet and sour sauce. It is commonly found in Nha Trang of Vietnam.

Banh Khot – Pancakes.
Street food pancakes are found all over Dalat and its environs. Ingredients include eggs, veggies, chili and meat all combined to create a crispy and delicious snack. Pancakes are known to vary from one place to another, however, this afe among the tastiest in the world. They are found in all streets of Vietnamese towns.

Hu Tieu Bo Kho – Beef and Vegetable Stew.
It is one of the best flavor-packed soups in Saigon. Bone-in beef, rich red broth, green onion, herbs and veggies combined to make the best substitute to pho. It is served with additional herbs, chilies, lime and fresh baguette. It is commonly found in the southern parts of Vietnam.

Bún Cha with Nem Rán – Pork Cakes in Sauce & Spring Rolls.
A combination of the two dishes is highly recommended. The grilled pork is first of all brought out in a light broth with rice noodles. Pieces of herbs are put in the food and combined with spring roll or pork. This meal is mainly found two regions of Vietnam, which is Hanoi and Saigon.

Fried Fish or Beef in Green Rice.
This dish comprises of various ingredients such as pieces of fish, pork or beef, tofu that can be ordered either with green rice or just fried. The meal originated from Hanoi and was brought to Saigon by Bun Cha.

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