Top amazing things to do in Vietnam

There is only one place to travel and explore this season. A Vietnam holiday tour is worth planning for and experiencing.  Full of amazing fantasies and adventures, you have quite a lot to of areas to visit and a lot to do in a Vietnam travel. It may be a family holiday tour; a customized tour or even a private tour, there is everything for everyone in this majestic country. Backpackers are not to be left behind on this great excursion to Vietnam.  Take your bucket list and start crossing one item at a time as you tour Vietnam this holiday as there are so much exciting and fascinating activities. Let your wildest imagination take you to the most prestigious country with so much to offer and get started with your amazing Vietnam holiday tour.

What is in store for you in Vietnam will get you thinking about moving into the country. One holiday season will not be enough to accomplish all the crazy adventures and the marvelous places and things to do. There are those places in Vietnam that will get your adrenaline powered up the moment you lay your eyes on them. These are the places that no matter what the limited time, you must experience the goodness offered in this Vietnam travel.

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The extraordinary Ha long bay
When it comes to clear blue waters and a long stretch of sandy beaches, Vietnam holds it all. Ha Long or the Trang An bestows the beauty of natural creations in the world. The incredible Islands with the natural rock formations are what you hope for especially when cruising in the Kayak and viewing the calm sea and simply taking it all in. Whether you are high-speed tubing or wakeboarding, the true spirit of being in at bay is enjoying they waters.  The limestone Karst Mountains are also worth a visit and it will only be fair to do a mountain climbing around the place. The caves of the Ha long bay and the ancient pagoda are also worth visiting. The enormous caves that are within the Islands are thrilling and exciting. The Vietnam travel tour will get you almost everything that you have been hoping.

You have to take a ride in one of the ancient kayaks during your tour to Vietnam. The Ha Long bay with all its beauty hands it to you each and every day and especially with the blue waters. The limestone Islands of the bay create a startling view along with the grottos and specifically when you cruise around these islands. The Thien Cung grotto completes the magical insinuation of the Ha long bay. From the flowing waterfall to the flora and fauna that have found a home there, the Thien Cung grotto is worth visiting.

Experience the love of Hanoi city.
A tour to Hanoi city is nothing to bargain about. The astounding city bestows all the love of Vietnam people to its visitors. Get ready to be dehydrated and hydrated this summer from the wonderful city of love. Get to know the Paris Orient of Vietnam as the locals call it, and experience the fun as you enjoy your cold beer. Once in Hanoi, you cannot leave the wonderful city without visiting the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. You get to know the history of the city in relation to the Citadel, from the political era in more than thirteen centuries.

The evenings at Hanoi are spectacular, with different lighting illuminating the streets of the city. You need to take a walk during the sunset through the markets and witness the magical power of the city giving you proof of why it is great to visit Vietnam. For a family tour, the water puppets show off the city will be an amazing destination.  You will be in for a ride full of laughter and excitement at the water puppet center in the municipal grounds .

Go wild at the Cuc Phuong national park and explore the thick bamboo forest in your Vietnam holiday tour. Once in Hanoi, you cannot leave the wonderful city without visiting the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long.

Vietnam cuisine
Let us talk about the tasty and finger licking Vietnam cuisine. This is actually the most important thing to do while in a Vietnam travel tour. From the south, North and central Vietnam has assembled its variety of dishes, influenced by the interaction of the different cultural practices from the past. You get to experience the China-related cuisine from the North owing to the early Chinese reign in the North. Enjoy the vegetables and the rice fresh from the farm and also a little of French cuisine. It is never enough for your appetite, trust me on this. All across Hanoi, the air is filled with the delicious smell of the variety of Vietnam cuisine.
You will also get to try out the special Vietnam delicacies which include the very tasty fish and other special seas food. For a challenge, try dining using the signature Vietnam chopsticks at the restaurants in Hanoi. At the little town of Thanh Tram, you will get the delicious fried pork sausages and fine fresh garlic that is mouthwatering at every instant. Test your cooking skills when you get home with the amazing Vietnam cuisine Yummy!

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The charm of Hoi An town.
It gets better when you take Vietnam holiday tour to the seaside town of Hoi An. Vietnam has quite the world heritage owing to this famous ancient town. For a long time, Hoi An also the Venice the Vietnam has attracted many to interact with the ancient historical activities. Being an international port since the sixteenth century, Hoi An has encountered settlements by different races and communities and has been the ground for interactions for different from everywhere in the world. You will get to witness the activities of the past at this historic town with the numerous ancient Chinese architectural designs during your Vietnam travel tour. Let the town tell the tale of the past with the variety of native French architecture and cuisine and also Chinese cuisine.

Stretching towards the south of Hoi An, are My son sanctuary ruins that elevate the tales of Vietnam during the prehistoric wars of the ancient Chapa civilization. From the beautiful beaches to the ultimate designers of clothing and shoes, Hoi An has a lot to offer when you take a Vietnam holiday tour. Ensure you take your own well made suit, dress or shoe as a souvenir from the beautiful town and get everyone asking for a pair or two. The pristine bamboo grooves create a perfect path to trek as you await your unique clothes. A boat ride on the woven kayaks is such an impressive adventure at the Hoi An town.

Get wet and wild at the Vietnam Beaches
Experience the fresh air, away from the disturbing polluted environment, and the soft sand as you dig into the ground beneath at the pristine beaches of Vietnam. Do not be afraid to get on the surfing board. It will be fun and thrilling, and you are in the country full of many adventures. Out of long stretch of many spectacular beaches, your Vietnam travel will get you to the Da nang beach among many others that your tour guide will walk you through blissfully. The Da nang beach is a quiet beach with magnificent hotels that comes with them world class services forms the wonderful people of Vietnam.

An Bang beach, filled with beauty quiet and love, is the place to be this holiday season. The amazing restaurants that artistically surround the beach allow you to enjoy the fresh seafood to your feel while having the breeze blow on your Face smoothly. In Vietnam, everything is close to perfection and especially at the Southcentral of the country. Inclusive of the 3000km length of beaches is the Quang Ngai and the Quy Nhon beaches.Get sand diving this season at the Vung Tau beaches. It is more water and more fun at Vietnam.

You can never have enough of Nha Trang beach town with a resort situated near the sea. Let this holiday offer you the peace and quiet that you have been always been looking forward. When you get a cool beach with crystal sand beaches and cool waters, you know your holiday is getting more amazing. Mui Ne beach with Sand dunes creates the perfect place to surf and incredible thrills.

Be part of the culture and the adventure
Get engaged to one of the most preserved cultures in the world. Be part of something so great during this Vietnam holiday tour and interact with the incredible people of the Northwest Vietnam. The ethnic communities will teach you of the traditional practices, and the ancient traditional herbs that are said to never miss treating the local ailments. You have your drug store right there. Get fascinated with the ethnic markets full of fresh vegetable and fruits that are not even close to the usual organic food. Take a bite of the farm fresh commodities; it is good for your health.

At the far east of the Northern Vietnam, the breathtaking rice terraces form a beautiful landscape of the region. The green fields stretch up the mountainous region and down the valley creating a very artistic look in the area. Pack up and enjoy a home stay at the area with a nice hiking early in the morning up the mountains. It is all worth the epic adventure.

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Tour the Ancient war museums
Growing rich in culture and world heritage, the country has a lot to offer for everyone visiting the country owing to the historic war. Get the thrill of walking through the tunnels left from the war and learn how they came about. The numerous Vinh Moc tunnels will get you the epic adventure of a real life tunnel. Dating back to the American war, the Vinh Moc tunnels has attracted many visitors to a unique feature.

Located in the great political city of Ho Chi Minh, is the Cu Chi Tunnels that will fire up your adrenaline as you walk through them. It gets more exciting and exhilarating when you take a small group tour through the tunnels.

The fine art of the museums that display the attires and items used in the American war, will let you walk through the devastating time and allow you to understand and appreciate the country. The Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum is also worth visiting for history fanatics. It is where the body of the ancient ruler of Vietnam has been preserved in a glass case in central Hanoi.

Enjoy an epic tour to Phong Nha Bang National park.
For vast natural land formations, the national park has embraced all that nature can offer. The preserved endangered forest has been a home for a unique species like the black bears, elephants and the tigers. The tropical rainforest of the park creates a wonderful place to take a trek and enjoy a nice hiking up the mountainous region. The geological formations like the dendritic caves, suspended caves, terraced caves and a river that flows swiftly between these formations are sights to behold. Make sure to visit the Son Doong cave which is among the three hundred caves found in the park. Experience the ecstasy of walking in the mud while in the caves and taking a boat ride when visiting the grottos. This tour should actually be among the first things to do on a Vietnam holiday tour.

Cruise the Mekong delta.
A Vietnam travel is not complete without a sail to the famous delta. If you do not believe in the power of the Vietnam waters, you better visit the Cai Rang floating market at Mekong village. For perfect and breathtaking photography, the Mekong delta bridge makes the ideal place for picture frame worthy photos from this grand Vietnam holiday tour.

Your holiday tour will e the best and filled with love from the Vietnam people and will not fall short of adventure anywhere you go. All you need to do is plan your schedule well and pack up for the time of your life for a Vietnam travel.

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