Solo travel in Vietnam

Your guide to solo travel in Vietnam
Travel through a country where you will never feel alone

The world is effectively your oyster and if the travel bug hits you, but you do not have a partner or a family who are willing to join you, choosing a country where you can feel safe and welcomed will be a top priority.

Traveling alone can be inspiring, scary and exciting all at the same time. More and more solo travelers are looking to spread their travel wings further afield and choosing a beautiful country like Vietnam to experience a solo adventure.

Vietnam is a country full of friendly people, diverse countryside, beautiful beaches and magnificent temples well beyond your wildest imagination.

We at Indochinavalue always have our guests itinerary and travel plans at the heart of all we do.

We have catered for a number of solo travelers, all with their own unique plans! Using a tour operator for your solo travel can ensure you are able to sit back, relax and take in the glorious country around you.

We have put together our top 8 reasons why you should choose to travel to Vietnam for your solo adventure of a lifetime.

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Safe to travel
Stepped out from wars and poverty, Vietnam is changing its image as the active developing countries with stable politic system and according to "worldofwanderlust", Vietnam is now one of the safeest countries to travel and A Vietnam solo travel is choice of many tourists. Vietnamese people are friendly and kind. Transportation is convenient. Young people speak good English and it is free and easy for a solo traveler to explore every corner of Vietnam without worries and fear.

Planning just got easy!
Can you imagine being responsible for booking flights, hotels and even deciding which museum you will visit? Solo travel gives you the ability to make all of the decisions.

You may prefer a night flight or you like to stay at a particular airport hotel before you start your adventure, well as a solo traveler you get the luxury of making all the decisions.

If you decide to visit the amazing rice terraces of Sapa or the many islands off Ha Long Bay, then your tour operator can organize this for you and will even recommend the best times for you to visit. You decide where you want to visit.

Vietnam solo travel offers smooth, headache-free travel planning at its best.

Social Butterfly
When we are thrown into social situations on our own, it forces us to make new friends, speak to new people and embrace cultures. There is something liberating about being outside of your everyday environment on your own.

Solo travel can build confidence and you feel more inclined to start a conversation with a stranger or accept an impromptu dinner invitation from a fellow traveler. Solo travel can bring out your inner social butterfly.

In a country like Vietnam, the locals are so friendly and open, it will be hard not to want to feel part of their culture. You may not speak the language, but sometimes a smile will say it all.

Feel empowered
Solo travel really makes you stand on your own two feet. There is nothing better than knowing you organized your adventure, arriving in a country like Vietnam will give you confidence and reassurance you have chosen the best place for your solo travel.

You are responsible for you and you will draw upon personal resources you did not even realize you had throughout your adventure.

Vietnam is full of inspiring and humble people, who will help you realize just how important it is to experience and appreciate different cultures too.

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Time to get reading
Travel can be tedious and boring, so why not take the time to read! You can be as selfish as you like with your travel time, no family to distract, no friends to create a conversation with. Just you and a good book.

BUT, get ready to put the book away when you arrive in a country like Vietnam, each day will be a new chapter for your eyes to be blessed with and you will be able to create and write your own story about your solo travel adventure through Vietnam.

Save money!
Solo travel is inevitably cheaper. If you are using a Vietnam tour operator for your Vietnam solo travel, they will also be able to negotiate a group rate for you too.

Even though you will only need to book a single room, accommodation is notoriously cheap in Vietnam, so you may decide to treat yourself to a double room and make the most of that extra space.

A tour operator will be able to take care of all of your bookings and ensure you are staying in the best place at the best rates.

Less Hassle.
Did you know you are actually less likely to be approached by overzealous market traders if you are on your own? You can easily blend in with the locals and weave in and out of market stalls.

Vietnam is well known for is amazing night markets and thankfully you will not be bothered by traders in Vietnam.

It will be fun to walk through the markets stopping and looking whenever you feel like it and choosing your own place to get a snack and taking the time to breathe in the smells and take in the sights. Feel empowered and sit with a local and enjoy a coffee or beer.

Feel Happy!
We all know anytime away from work and taking time out of our busy lives leave us with a feeling of happiness, but solo travel seems to leave us feeling happier for longer!

The empowerment and confidence solo travel can bring, leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling well into our return to normal routine.

Vietnam is also known as one of the happiest places to visit in the world. The locals are always smiling and it's actually considered 'ill-mannered' to walk around frowning! Get your smile ready!

An organized and solo Vietnam tour really is a spectacular way of seeing Vietnam. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in the company of Indochinavalue. They always have you and your interests in mind and as their many testimonials state;

Indochinavalue is expert at organizing the best Vietnam solo holiday of a lifetime for you.

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