Reasons to travel to Vietnam in 2017

When it comes to destinations for all the magnificent holiday fantasies, a Vietnam travel tops the list over and over again regardless of how you want to rank it. This new year of 2017 bestows good news for you, your family and your loved ones. The holiday season is not so far away, you may have a variety of options but get this, and you have just one option that is right for you. You need a place that will accommodate all kinds of hobbies or activities and to top it up, a place that will allow you to relax and take the edge off from the normal day to day activities.  All you need is Vietnam travel packages to get you going for a full blown fun and adventure this season and expand your horizons. You may need something about Vietnam that will get you geared up or just tell you what you will miss out this season about this wonderful cultural state.

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Taste the magic of Vietnam's waters
Most people make that list of places to visit. It will be very wrong if you do not have Vietnam as the most important. One of the reasons that keep a Vietnam travel the most important activity is because of its famous coastline. Nothing screams vacation like a 3000km stretch of white sand and blue waters. It has been said that the ocean and generally water provides a form of mental therapy. If this is true then you get to have a full session anytime you take a Vietnam tour.

The vast area of the Beach gets you to enjoy the sunshine and the warm air of the country. For the surfing fanatics, the magical waves allow you to perfect your surfing skills but still give you the opportunity to indulge in the entertaining activity. The ABC best-rated beaches of Nha Trang makes it an ultimate holiday destination. For a quiet holiday or vacation, the Doc Let is the real deal. The Mui Ne beaches let you take in the fresh atmosphere of its pristine forest surrounding the unique and explicit white sands.

The marvelous waters of Vietnam continue to bestow its magical feature at the Ha Long Bay. Surrounded by a couple of Islands the Ha Long Bay grants you more reasons to book a Vietnam travel package.  Opting for the Ha long bay as your destination facilitates your goal to refresh your spirit with its Islands. It does not matter which Island you are destined for you but you will be assured to have a value of your wildest expectations. It is Ha Long bay, and nothing shouts perfection like this gracious bay.

If you have always wanted to try out fishing, then you are on the right path when you select Vietnam. The richness of Ha Long bay offers you a fishing opportunity and additional marvelous floating fishing villages. It is all in the thrilling water of Vietnam that you get all kinds of edible fish in the fishing village of Ha Long bay.

The holiday is not complete if you do not get to take a ride in the cultural Vietnamese canoe and witness the rare species of the clear waters. It becomes educational trips you learn of all kinds of aquatic animals that can be found in countable places or nowhere at all in the world.  These are the simple things that will blow your mind and let you appreciate the country as one of the most preserved states in the world.

Talking about the Mekong Delta even gives me these exciting butterflies.  This area also known as the rice bowl gets you the pleasure of enjoying the gifts of a rural life with the floating creations that give tourists the wow factor. The Mekong River flows gracefully through the Mekong Delta and drains into the sea and if you have never traveled backward, then Mekong delta is a must go. Facing the Mekong Delta is the Can Tho city. The city is one cultural development with so much to give for every person visiting the area.

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Encounter the rare landscapes
The eyes have a lot to take in with the amazing scenes at Vietnam. The landscapes get hiking and backpacking more fun and exciting. It is a sight to behold at the Sapa hill station which creates breathtaking rice terraces all over its region. The rice plantation makes a winding like a pattern up the peak of the mountainous region at the Northwest part of Vietnam. It just gets better when you take a night train trip from Hanoi to Sapa. It is at this moment that you will know what beauty of nature Is all about. Hiking is more of an expedition to the mountainous area from Hanoi. Do not be left out on this explicit adventure of a lifetime this year. Grab your Vietnam travel package this season.

Talk about gorgeous scenes, the Islands at Ha Long bay bestows features with thick vegetation of unique and explicit features. You should visit the interestingly shaped Islands of the bay that is somehow shaped like animals naturally. You can take a ride on a bicycle in the mountainous region of Lao Cai and take in the spectacular view of the town of Lao Cai. It is just not all about fun; it is physical fitness for you, your friends and family.

Your heart will skip a beat when you visit the structural features of the country. The interesting fact about many of the structures is that they were naturally formed while some have been there for centuries. The unique designs of different creations brought to reality by the first people in Vietnam keep the country the number one destination. Visit the Huong Pagoda which offers structural intelligence to the extreme. The temple is embedded to a limestone mountain called the Huong Tich. This extraordinary feature has drawn pilgrimage from all over the world. The Huong Pagoda is actually a cave that has for centuries been modified to accommodate the people of Vietnam as a worship place but still offers its people a world heritage for generations.

To get you excited on this Vietnam travel, the Huong Tich cave has a shape that draws tourists from all over. Get this, the entrance of the Huong Tich cave is shaped in the mouth of a dragon. It is said that the creations and curvature date back in the early 1770 BC. For the history majors and the scholars, this comes as a boost to the vast knowledge about the history of Vietnam. The inside of the cave has a number of sculptors that is based on the series of leaders that have dominated the Buddhist temple.

Do not wait to see the Son Doong cave in pictures. Grab a Vietnam travel package this new year of 2017 and get to visit the majestic cave that is considered the world's biggest caves. There are a limitless number of caves that house lakes and juggles, which will give you the thrill you are aiming. Check out the Paradise Cave situated at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park and enjoy the boardwalk as you swiftly carry your lamp. It is a movie but the difference is that it is happening in real life.

The stupendous feature of the rocky hill of Thien Thuy will get you talking on the amazing characteristic of Vietnam. It is just interesting how reserved nature can create an artistic feature and greatly bless Vietnam. The structure came about from erosion of a rocky hill back in time and has come out to engrave the landscape of Vietnam making it magical. The Vietnam tour offers you creations that you will only see in movies. The bell tower and hall of the triple Gem are the tour destinations that come your way when taking the Vietnam travel. The seven stories of Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue also create a spectacular look over the Perfume River. The Pagoda stories are the tallest in Vietnam and are considered the unofficial symbol of the latter imperial capital. With the explicit Thien Pagoda also an ancient temple which was built in 1601 creates a national heritage and attracts more and more people every year.

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There is everything for everyone in this country. It is truly a blessed country with the hills and escarpments on the hills at Pac Ngoi which instantly catches the eye. The area is rich in the vast land of hiking space and the forest full of adventure to the hills among the clouds. The Pac Ngoi cultural village offers you the opportunity to interact blissfully among the people of Pac Ngoi and get educated with the different cultural practices around the area.

Owing to the French habitation at Vietnam, the incredible structural features at Hanoi town stand out as you visit the famous village in the Vietnam travel. The old French structures which have enormously benefited the town of Hanoi create a series of museums that will take you back in time to the prehistoric time.  Your family will benefit greatly with the good tour guides at Hanoi that explains in detail the past and the era of the French at Vietnam.

It is all fresh for your flesh
Coming from the fine soils, hardworking people and the incredible and favorable weather of Vietnam, the country receives fresh food all through the year. Ranging from fresh fruits, excellent coffee, fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fresh seafood, you are completely assured of freshness all through your visit. Forget about processed meals for once in your life. Dig your fingers into the soil or pluck a fresh fruit from the farm and let the freshness trigger all the nerves of your mouth as you get to feel and taste the treasure that you always miss out.

The vegetarians are in luck this season. The vast vegetables that are found in the in the country will nourish you to your fill. From papaya salads, stir-fries to unique vegetables, everything is super fresh and is all at your disposal. Ensure you switch to a balanced meal this season at the Vietnam travel and take a pick on the variety of fruits. Whether they look strange or smell strange or simply give you the Goosebumps, they are fresh for sure and are worth a try. It is up to you to select which one favors you and your body even if they smell like feet like the durian; it is unsullied and straight from the farm.

The herbs will complete your meal or even treat an ailment. This might come as a surprise to you but guess what; you can never go wrong with these natural herbs. Unlike the processed herbs enriched with flavors and preservatives, you get entitled to fresh herbs consisting of coriander, peppermint, and the native Thai basil offers levity to the heavier dishes. Try yours today.

You might have tried some of Vietnam's finest dishes from menus all over the world but you haven't tasted the finger licking meals made by the native people of Vietnam. You will learn to use the famous chopsticks as you partake the noodle soups and the overwhelmingly rice pancakes. Get the variety of cuisines like the Lau Mam, Bun Dau that will make you fall head over food with Vietnam and are still very pocket-friendly. Make that appetite ready for a Vietnam's pristine cuisine.

Make it destination Vietnam.
It is all about Vietnam this year, this holiday season. Despite being astonishingly affordable with the Vietnam travel packages, it offers you more than just the holiday for your family. The love that is poured on you by the good people of Vietnam is enormous and welcoming. You can never get enough of the good will of the tour guides, the chefs the hotel attendants and any other person you interact with or indulge in any way. It is a country full of love and welcoming spirit.

Sleep is the most important aspect of life. It is when your body shuts down and takes time to recharge for the activities of the following day. It is very important that in Vietnam you relax because of the many adventures that await you every awakening day. With the comfort and the warmth of the hotels and the attendants of the hotels in Vietnam, sleep because of e a second heaven. Let that dream become a reality this year with a Vietnam travel. It is not late to grab a Vietnam travel package. Reserve yours today!

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