Preparing For A Solo Trip To Vietnam

solo travel in vietnam

Did you ever have solo travel in Vietnam? If not, you should look into the prospects doing so. If you have, you would’ve known how much fun it is to be on your own during a fun trip. You may feel along sometimes, but there is so much to do, especially if you are touring aplace like Vietnam. Firstly, because it’s fun, and has a plethora of benefits. For instance, a single visit means you are free to enjoy your vacations as you desire, no more quarrels and arguments with apartner on which place to visit first.

Also, solo trip means that no one will drag and brag youabout anything likestaying at hotels or restaurants, eating which food first and what place to go first, etc. Traveling solo to Vietnam is also anexquisite idea as this country is perhaps the most beautiful destination in Indochina region. With such a tourist spots to visit, you barely have time to get bored or feel alone. Here is more on how to plan a Vietnam solo travel:

It’s Time For The Perfect Trip
Looking for a Vietnam solo tour? There could be several reasons, but it is a fact that Vietnam solo travel is great fun. You just have yourself to worry about, so enjoy your single trip as much as you can. There’s plenty to see and experience in Vietnam so make the most out of your trip while you are here. That’s right;it’s time to give your Vietnam solo travel plan the perfect shape. Before you do so, you may find some people claiming it to be boring. But, you can make it exciting or boring. In short, your solo travel in Vietnam can be a memorable journey in many ways, some of which will be explained below.

The country has everything to turn your solo trip into the best journey of your life. All it takes is to plan the tour with care.  Take a glimpse to most visited places and take a peek into other activities like bicycle riding, trekking, hoteling, swimming and water sports are just some highlights of the fun time that you’ll have during your solo travel in Vietnam.

Take A Bike Ride, Overwhelmingly Soothing!
Without a doubt, Vietnam is a marvel of nature. With so many places to visit, you’ll have a hard time deciding where to go. Each place has it’s a charm of its own, and activities to go with it. Upon landing, you’ll notice that bikes are everywhere, be it at on roads, in mountainous regions, forests, and even beaches, they’re everywhere. Since you are alone, why not try a refreshing bike ride across the city? Touring different areas on thebike is great fun.

You’ll feel like you are back to your school days again. Visiting markets and bazaars on two wheels is quite exciting. Moreover, touring the countryside during the day and the busy city center at night is quite a unique experience. The best part about bike riding is that if you feel tired, take some time off and enjoy a drink or two from any roadside shop nearby.

Hoi An
It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Vietnam. Being here makes you feel as if you’ve reached heaven. The dim lit lanterns hanging over the bridge that passes over the river is a sight to behold. Being at Vietnam, better take a solo ride to My Son ruins. It’s worth your time. The beautiful calm breeze, the sparklingblue ocean water, and the white sandy shores are all too good to ignore. Enjoy fresh coconut smoothies and a swim, or a boat ride, or both. Since you are traveling solo, spending at least two days here is a good idea. Even on the third day when you’ll be leaving, you’ll feel as if you want to stay for longer.

Ho Chi Minh City
You just spent two nights at the calm and exotic Hoi An, now spend some time witnessing the busy and progressing Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh is like most big cities around the region, but with a difference. The modern city also has some magnificent historical sites like temples and stupas. Check out the huge city library situated at the heart of the city, or take a walk across the roadside seeing busy traffic bussing you by. Enjoy the sights of Ho Chi Minh City while sipping local smoothies. As such, when you feel tired from the city life, take some time out and spend it visiting ancient sites. You’llfeel a calming sensation of calm and peace inside.

Close your eyes and imagine if you were to visit Paris in Vietnam, Hanoi would be it. The place is abundant with ancient temples and pagodas that it feels like you’ve stepped into the history. Just around the corner, the Ho Tay Lake flows with all its glory. Spending a night or two and make it your camp fire base camp if you like. Get ready for an exciting trekking trip to the nearby mountains. You’ll notice how quickly time passes here. It’s almost as if history comes to life at Hanoi. The exotic spot has many activities to offer, and you’ll likely return with a lot of memories and tales to tell.

Cuc Phuong National Park
The largest park in the Hanoi stateis situated around 120kms out of the central city, the National Park covers approximately 225 square kilometer area and is home to at least 2100 species of animals and trees. You’ll find some unique wildlife here, including very rare species including pandas, clouded leopard, Delacour’s Langur among others. Take snaps and make videos, spend time with animals but make sure to keep a safe distance.

Take A Hike To Halong Bay
Reached Halong Bay already? Put on your trekking shoes and pay a visit to Cat Ba Island, the famous trekking spot in Vietnam. Trekking tour will last for at least 2-3 days so prepare a backpack with refreshments and water. Just ensure you don’t lose your way back to the hotel, hire a local guide to reach the hotel safely.

It's time to prove that your Vietnam solo travel is worth your time and money. Make the most out of your solo trip in Vietnam and visit as many places as you can.

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