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If you are on to something exciting, Vietnamis the place to be. Thissummer, plan a Vietnam family tour and have the time of your life. While with family, people try to make it a fun-filled trip for children. Apart from beauty, Vietnam also has a lot of fun and entertainment to offer visitors. This naturally gifted country has a lot to offer for people from every age group, so they’ll not feel bored while the trip lasts. You’ll likely get the best out of your Vietnam family vacation. It will be an opportunity that you and your family will cherish for life. Vietnam is a place with a lot of culture and activities from trekking to boat riding which makes it’s a perfect destination for families. Here are some of the most popular destinations to visit during your Vietnam family travel:

Mui Ne
Though Vietnam has the home to many inspiring beaches, the Mui Ne is surely among them. Unlike other beaches in Vietnam, Mui Ne is unique as it has most of its area is developed as a concrete staircase. Due to this, the beach has little to no sand at all. The beach is famous for kite surfing due to the ever present swift winds that facilitate kite flying. If you have kids, they’ll love to fly kites all day long. Despite thetropical weather, the afternoons are not as hot as it is in some other beaches of the country. Kite flying becomes more fun due to the presence of boutique hotels across the shores. Feeling tired after fun filled day? Choose any of the boutique restaurants nearby for a deserving rest.

Ho Chi Minh City
Popularly known as Saigon among locals, the famous and historic city has plenty of fun to offer to you and family. Upon entering the town, you’ll find a plethora of domestic and international hotels and restaurants. The city is divided into many districts like Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Van region. These localities offer great sights and sounds for tourists visiting with family. Moreover, you can also take a ride to the Cu Chi tunnel and Cao Dai temple just 60 kilometers outside the central city. Also, visiting the war museum is an ideal place to learn the history and how the country survived those troubling times. It will provide your children valuable knowledge about the country, its past, wars, and culture.

Ha Long Bay
It is one of the most beautiful, exotic and unusualplaces to visit. The mythical beauty of Halong Bay is truly a sight to behold. The place has everything you’d want to see. The calm and soothing ocean waves, the ancient and mysterious caves, the fast boats to ride on the ocean waves, or take a dive in the waters with life vests on. In every aspect, the Ha Long Bay region is just about the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family. At dusk, head to any of the fabulous restaurants and enjoy fantastic local and foreign cuisine.

For centuries, the capital of Vietnam remains an enigma, a mysterious historical place where history comes to life. With architecture and temples that are centuries old, and a warm and rich culture, Hanoi is a must visit place during your Vietnam family travel. From thesmall temple of Bach Ma that was made to honor the legendary horse to the traditional Dong Xhua market, where you can buy useful household items, the city is as busy as any. Visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and learn more about the 54 recognized ethnic groups that live in the country. Children will find the museum absorbing and will learn about the country, culture, and history. Hanoi has many types of street food available where you can sit and eat with your family and enjoy the busy life pass you by on the streets.

Nha Trang
Regarded as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Nha Trang region is a must visit place in your Vietnam family vacation. The place has a lot to offer to visitors. If you are with kids, you’ll surely have a great time here. Swim along the calm blue waters or take a boat ride along the shore. While you are at it, enjoy catching fish all day long. Visit the Cam Rahn Bay located just from the mainland town. Known as one of the finest deep water harbor, the area has golden sands and cool breeze. Spend a night here and enjoy the moon reflecting waters from your hotel room, or take an evening stroll along the beach. All in all, make your Nha Trang trip a memorable one.

Cham Island
Cham Island is located just an hour offshore from Hoi An city. You can access the island by the boat. The island has a coral reef and a range of fishes in the water, so it is a good spot to catch fishes. For scuba divers and snorkeling lovers, the place is a heaven. There are many villages on the shore, but you’ll not find many hotels in this area. Visiting Cham Island will give you firsthand experience of how life in Vietnam goes every day.

Ninh Binh
It is also is known as the Halong Bay on land by local habitats. This region will grab your heart and imagination in the first glimpse. It is a beautiful landscape and offers a variety of attractions like Phuong Natural Reserve, Hoa Lu the ancient capital of Vietnam and Trang An Grottoes, a placeprovidingmythical beauty with water flowing through the mountains.It is just about the perfect family holiday spot so take them with you and hasa great time. If that doesn’t delight you, there is a network of caves hidden below the mountainous region. You'll also findunique rock formations that make the place even more beautiful.
So, plan your next family vacation soon and head to Vietnam, the place with beautiful beaches, landscapes, history and people.

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