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Thailand is among the most popular places to visit in East Asian region. The country has many favoritetourist spots and sites that attract a big chunk of visitors from around the globe.As is the case with many East Asian countries, Thailand is also full of excellent sites, beautiful beaches, and cities that will instantly catch your attention. It is that time of the year when you’ll get the most out of your Thailand private tours. Choose one out of the many Thailand tour packages available and have a time your life. Once you are there, you’ll notice that the streets of Thailand offer a unique combination of modern and vintage heritage. From the silence and peace of rural regions to the bustling life of urban areas, Thailand has it all for tourists. So, choosing Thailand single holidays package is anexcellent idea to have a perfect little vacation. Pack your bags and head to this beauty of a country. Though the country has many exotic sites, here are some that get your tour started:

Pai was once a peaceful, silent village in the northern Thailand. Today, it is fast becoming a hot favorite tourist spot and a busy town. This busy little town is connected Chiang Mai with Hong Son and is a part of the extended Hong Son loop. Pai famous for many reasons ranging from its peaceful atmosphere and the home many lavish restaurants and resorts. Just outside the town, you’ll find unique attractions including hot springs, elephant camps, and lovely waterfalls. The Pai River is another delight that offers several exotic opportunities to tourists including water tubing among other water adventures.  

Railay (Rai Leh)
It is a beautiful small peninsula located just outside the mainland Thailand. Visitors can access this region through boats and rafts. The peninsula is surroundedby tall limestone hills that cut it off from rest of the country. This location has some beautiful beaches and breathtaking waters. As with many places in Thailand, the Railay region also boasts a peaceful and calm atmosphere. During your Thailand private tours, you’ll love to spend some quality time in this quiet peninsula.

A historic location that is famous for its exotic monuments and temples, this city was founded back in the year 1350. Geographically, Ayuthaya is an island that is surroundedby three rivers. These rivers connect the city with the Gulf of Siam. Centuries ago, King U Thong made Ayuthaya the capital of his rule. This made Ayuthaya a famous place in the region. In those days, it was also known as the capital of the Siam Kingdom. Due to its unique architecture and exotic location, the city was once known by locals as the most famoustown in the world.

To this day, the city of Ayuthaya is a remarkable site comprising of hundreds of temples and religious monuments and three lavish looking royal palaces. During 1767, the Burmese attacked the town and ruined it. Since then, Bangkok was renamed as the capital of Thailand. However, Ayuthaya is still a popular tourist attraction and is quite close to Bangkok, and can be accessed by train, van or bus.

Thailand Islands
Known by locals as the most beautiful and exotic location in Thailand, these islands are truly a site to behold. They offer alovely and peaceful place that is rich with gorgeous beaches and calm waters. Located at the each of Bangkok, the islands are called Ko Samet and Ko Chang, near the Andaman Phuket and Ko Phi Phi. The Phuket is known as the biggest and most developed island in Thailand. They are connected with the mainland Thailand by two bridges. The island of Ko Phi Phi was also featured in the movie, “The Island.”

Bo Sang (Village Of Umbrella)
It is all in the name, and the villagers have a unique craft in their hands. It has a unique and high-quality hand-made umbrellas. You can reach the village by road as it is just a 30-minute drive from Chlang Mai town. You can go around the cityduring your Thailand special holidays and see the process of umbrella making firsthand. From thecutting of the fabric to painting the complete umbrella, you can watch the whole process without paying a penny.
White Temple (Chiang Rai)

Also known by the locals as Wat Rong Khun, or simply the white temple. The mysterious looking temple sits just about 20-minute car ride from the city of Chiang Rai. It is the brainchild of the world renowned Thai artist, Ajarn Chalermchal Kositpipat. Since the time it was founded, the temple has become a popular monument in the country. Also, it has become a popular tourist attraction among tourists coming from around the world.

It is located in the Western  Thailand and is regarded as one of the most naturally gifted places in the country. Though the place has many delightful sights, none is more engaging than the River Kwai Bridge. The bridge links the historic railway track with Myanmar. The history of this railroad track is that more than a thousand prisoners of war died while constructing it.It was the brainchild of the Imperial Japanese forces when they had the country occupied during the Second World War. You’ll find several museums and war cemeteries telling the historical events along with timeline as they unfolded. The place is also home to several national parks such as Erawan, Srinakarin. It also has beautiful caves and waterfalls.

Ao Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park
This national park is unique in a sense that it spans over 40 islands and cliffs made of limestone. During your Thailand private holidays, visiting this site is a must. Keep in mind that the only way to reach this place is by boat. Due to its beauty and exotic scenery, the area often remains packed with tourists. Still, it is a peaceful location and worth touring. The Ko Kan has been used as a setting for several Hollywood movies.
So, in your next visit, include Thailand private tours in your trip to East Asia.

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