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You may have heard a lot about Myanmar in the media in recent times. Unfortunately, Myanmar was in the news for all the wrong reasons. The country was once called Burma, but not anymore. Myanmar is a country with many dimensions.

The reality is that it is one of the few countries that have plenty of history and a plethora of natural and historic sites. In fact, when it comes to tourism, Myanmar is right up in the top spot. Tourists love it for the variety of tourists spots the country offers. Once you’ve visited Myanmar, the chances are that you’ll come again. The beauty of many historical and natural sights is such that you’ll keep staring at them in disbelief. That’s true and seeing is believing. No matter if you have come here before or for the first time, you’ll find the country equally surprising. It is time to give your usual routine a rest and plan Myanmar tour packages now. Here are some of the most fantastic sites that you must visit during your Myanmar private tours:  

Lintha Village
Just across the Ngapali beach lies the beautiful village of Lintha. It is a peaceful place with calm sea waters and a plethora of tourists. The place has few restaurants, most of which offer excellent Myanmar tour packages to visitors. Spend a day or two at this peaceful location and enjoy villages fishing in the calm waters. If you are into fishing, take a tour in a fishing boat and try your luck in the fishery.

U Bein Bridge
If you think of it as one of the many bridges in the country, you need to know more. The U Bein Bridge is special in many ways. For instance, it was built with over thousand columns of teak wood taken from the nearby royal palace during the 19th century. Though some parts have been repaired, most of the bridge maintains its original condition. The bridge is almost a mile long and enters into a small farming village located beside a monastery. Come to the bridge early in the morning and see hundreds of monks crossing it while leaving for prayers. It is indeed a sight to behold. After 5.00 p.m., the Lakes gets flooded with thousands of tourists as they want to capture the bridge against setting the sun. Watching farmers herding ducks with canoes is another pleasant sight that is worthy of your photo collection. The bridge is located over the Taung Tha Man Lake in Amarapura region.

Buddha Temple Manamuni
It is one of the most splendid temples in the whole of Myanmar. The temple was built during the 14thcentury, but the legend says that Gautama Buddha chose the place for the temple. As a prestigious site, it attracts thousands of tourists each year. Due to its importance in Buddhist culture, the temple is covered with gold leaves and the practice continues to this day. Flocks of pilgrims come to gossip, dance, chant and worshipto this temple. The temple remains a busy place throughout the day and is an ideal location to take your family. Outside the temple, you’ll find merchants selling wacky toys made out of wood and different materials.

New Bagan E-bike Tour
So, you’ve decided to spend this summer on Myanmar private tours? Take an e-bike tour around the New Bagan area. Though initially considered as a threat to horse cart business, both businessesare now flourishing side by side. In fact, the Chinese made e-bikes have found a good home in Myanmar in recent years. Many hotels and restaurants now provide e-bike tour facility throughout the city. While you are on your way to New Bagan, don’t forget to take an e-bike trip across the region. If you are tired of pedaling your bike, just give them a rest and let the motor do the job. The bike will take you across the city at 15 miles per hour.

Trip to Irrawaddy River
Did you know that Myanmar is the home to one of the biggest rivers in Asia? If not, spend some time from your Myanmar private tours on the Irrawaddy River. Regarding length, it is as big as the Ganges and Mekong rivers. Upon visiting the place, you’ll find that there is a lot you can do here, from boat riding to staying in a five-star luxury hotel. As such, your ride through the river will take to many places including Bhamo, Bagan, and Pyay etc. It is a must visit place, so line it up in the places you want to visit in your Myanmar private holidays this summer.

In case you didn’t know, many parts of Myanmar can get quite hot during summers. If you are feeling the heat, it’s time to visit a beautiful and cool place. Kalaw is one such place that remains fresh all year long. This little market town is buzzed with tourists throughout the year. The site of sky touching mountains, cool breeze, and delightful sunsets and trekking down the Pindaya Lake are some tourist activities in this area.

Lake Inle
A narrow canal lasting up to five kilometers suddenly opens up into a wide and long lake. The Inle Lake is the home to many surrounding villages that sit beside the calm waters. Upon visiting this site, you’ll notice that it remains flooded with small and narrow fishing boats in the daytime. Don’t wonder if the location of cone-shaped bamboo made boats look all too familiar as it is an excellent view in this part of the world. You’ll also see floating gardens on these boasts with tomatoes and flowers, vegetables, and cauliflowers placed over the boat. The region has a vastly diverse culture, and you’ll see many ethnic groups living in the area. From ancient Buddhists to Hindus and Muslims. However, the peace and calmness is the trademark of this region people from different ethnic background live in peace and harmony.

So, if you are planning to visit East Asia soon, choose a unique and exotic Myanmar private tours as your next destination.

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