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It’s that time of the year when you seek some peace in life. Don’t let this moment pass and pack your bags and head to a great location. While you are at it, pick the map and choose a country to visit. Let us make it easy for you. East Asia has some of the most eye-catching places.

With countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, you are in for a terrific vacation. Cambodia has some amazing and breathes taking sights. This East Asian country is every bit as beautiful and naturally gifted as any in East Asia.

So, why not plan Cambodia private holidays this summer? Especially, when you can easily get affordable packages from Cambodia private holidays without any worries. Choose any of the Cambodia tour packages and enjoy the peaceful time there. To make it easy for you, here are some of the best places to visit in Cambodia:

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Upon reaching Cambodia, you’ll find that the easiest way to travel around is by bus. It is affordable and will get you to your desired location within time. Keep in mind that Cambodia has many naturally gifted places to see so plan carefully which ones you want to see during your stay. You can also alter your route midway, but for that, you might need to do it by yourself as some of the places may not be included in your selected Cambodia private holidays package. Speaking of sites, here are some interesting sites to visit:

Phnom Penh
Just along the Mekong River, the city of Phnom Penh proudly stands for almost 600 years. The largest town in Cambodia is also one of the most beautiful ones in the region. The capital was once called “The Pear of Asia” and for a good reason. Though the revolution saw most of the city destroyed, much of it had been rebuilt and is now a famous tourist attraction in the country. Though it has many beautiful tourists attraction, the most famous are National Museum and The Royal Palace of Cambodia. Visiting the capital of Cambodia would be an excellent way to kick start your Cambodian special holidays

A very famous and historic city that was, in fact, the capital of the Khmer Empire (900 – 1400 A.D), it is a historic jewel. With so many historical sites and places to visit, you’ll have a hard time choosing which ones to explore. You’ll experience that this peaceful city feels quite nostalgic and humbled. Due to its historical value, and thousands of ancient ruins scattered throughout the city, it is a valuable archaeological site in the region. Famous sites include Bayon temple that has full faces of stone called Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat temple, the largest single religious monument in the world among other small ones. Due to its beauty and attraction for tourists, the government has restored most of the ruined sites to their original state.

Located along the riverside, the city was once famous for its pepper and salt production. Kampot offers many activities for tourists. You can gulp noodles while sitting across the river and see it flow, or take a bicycle ride along the mountains. There is more as the city is the home to Epic Arts Café where disabled workers are employed and offer sign language menu for ordering delicious meals. Around 20 km of the city, there is a place called the French Ghost Town, near the Bokor Hill Station. The place was once a retreat point for settlers during the colonial era. Once the area was taken over by Khmers during the 1970s, this site has remained an eerie, barren land. Visiting the region will reveal the bullet marks and a burned Church during the revolution are still there.

Siem Reap
Just outside the Angkor Wat city, the Siem Reap area is located. The site has become a popular tourist hub in the last 30 years and attracted millions of visitors each year. Many visitors start their holidays from this region. The night market is perhaps the most visited attraction. You’ll get the opportunity to grab bargain deals here, and the entertainment flows like the river. The place is awake all night with delicious local and foreign cuisines and drinks go along. If you or your partner feel bored, the Wat Bo Village is another nearby attraction. The village is located just outside the Siem Reap and has the oldest gardens from Buddhist era.

Popokvil Waterfall
It is arguably the most beautiful waterfall in the country. The place is an ideal tourist spot, especially during the rainy season. Though you’ll find a new casino and plenty of noise generating from sitting near the hill, the place is mostly peaceful and calm. The waterfall looks particularly beautiful during nights as it seems covered with a cloud of mist, due to excessive humidity, from a distance. If you and your partner are in luck, you might catch a sight or two of extremely rare Malayan sun Bear.

Koh Tonsay
There is a story behind its name. The locals say that upon seeing it from a distance, it resembles a rabbit. It’s a 20-minute boat ride distance from Kep. To this day, this site remains untouched despite it being a busy tourist spot. The beauty of Koh Tonsay is something remarkable. Somehow, the island looks as if it was removed from any civilization. It is the perfect place to spend a day or two. You’ll find some rural homes and quality restaurants with delicious local cuisines.

Koh Rong
Called by locals as the heaven paradise, this little island rated as one of the gorgeous islands in the Gulf of Thailand region. The white sand dominates its shores while the blue water looks more like it belongs to a river than the sea. There is more, as across the coast, especially during night time, you'll see bio-luminescent plankton shining bright, creating a marvelous spectacle. It also has thick forests with abundant wildlife so take caution while visiting the forest.

Cambodia is a wonder of nature and is every bit as beautiful as any country in East Asia. Your Cambodia private tours offer you much more to experience than you’ve ever imagined.

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