Best Tours of Vietnam

Vietnam is rich in contrasts, culture, and colour, and any tour of this country is certain to be packed with variety and adventure. Not only is it possible to enjoy the natural wonders and romantic cities, but it is possible to experience the unique customs and indigenous hill peoples, and even stay with a local family in a homestay. A well-planned tour makes it possible to see firsthand the inimitable architecture and dramatic scenery that is available throughout the country.

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Many of the best tours of Vietnam start in the lively capital city of Hanoi, which gives a perfect opportunity to explore the city's Old Quarter, the pagodas and temples, as well as the stunning Ha Long Bay with its thousands of limestone karsts that emerge from the emerald waters.

You can tour some of the more peaceful and colourful towns like Sapa which is home to the Dzao and Hmong hill people. A visit to this region is great to not only see the authentic and remote villages, but also to experience a great trekking tour.

Other great places to explore include the historic city of Hue with its old Imperial Capital, while in the south is Ho Chi Minh City, which makes it possible to experience the stunning boat trip while exploring the mighty Mekong River.

Plus, Vietnam has a great food scene with the endless food stalls that are easily found in the towns and cities across the country.

Here are some of the types of tours available in Vietnam:

Private tours to Vietnam
For the traveller that prefers not to travel entirely independently, but still doesn’t want to be part of a large group, the most practical option is the private tours. This makes it possible to organize a personal holiday to Vietnam that is only intended for your family or friends. Private tours can include the services of an English-speaking guide who is a great assistant and knows the local area, so a visit to historical or cultural sight is that much more interesting. Plus, the private tours make it possible to experience the relaxed travel because most things are already organized and ready before you even arrive in the country.

Day tours in Vietnam
For the trip to Vietnam that lasts one or two days, there are still plenty of things to see and do. A day tour of the capital city can include a visit to the old quarter and the spectacular Ha Long Bay, while a stay in the south is great for visiting the lively city of Ho Chi Minh City with its historic Cu Chi Tunnels and the floating markets in the Mekong Delta.

Short stays in Vietnam
For the short stay in Vietnam it is possible to explore the great cities up and down the country, while also visiting the local attractions. Short stays organized through a local tour company can help with organizing the sightseeing, transportation, airport transfers, and accommodation. This means more time is left to explore the many natural, cultural and historic attractions. Whether it is relaxing on the beach, admiring the grand architecture or walking through the bustling cities, there is plenty to see and do in Vietnam.

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