Vietnam Beach Holidays

When it comes to Vietnam beach holidays, there are plenty of beautiful choices in this country that can match the more famous resorts, such as those in Thailand. Plus, there are still certain regions that haven’t been entirely overtaken by the influx of tourists or high-rise resorts.

Here are several of the most popular destinations for the Vietnam beach holidays:

vietnam beach holiday

Da Nang
While Da Nang has a large city it is still a perfect destination for the travellers interested in a relaxing beach holiday. The preferred beach resort is Non Nuoc Beach. It has plenty of affordable and luxury hotels nearby. The best time to visit Da Nang is from February to August for the most pleasant weather.

Lang Co
Lang Co beach is situated in central Vietnam and a very attractive destination with its palm-shaded white sand and a 10 km stretch of beachfront on one side and a vivid blue lagoon on the other. This beach is mostly favoured by the local Vietnamese day trippers, but can still make a worthwhile place to rest and relax between sightseeing trips. The weather is great with the preferred time to visit from April to July, and the ocean is very inviting.

Thuan An Beach
Thuan An Beach is a beautiful beach resort that is about 14 km from Hue. This is one of Vietnam’s less developed beaches and great for the more peaceful time. Its close proximity to Hue makes it a very worthwhile day trip for a relaxing time and a break from the traditional sightseeing trips. The preferred time to visit this beach is between February and July.

An Bang
An Bang is one of the main beaches within a short distant of Hoi An. It is approx 5 km from the impressive Old Town and a perfect place to visit for the traveller in need of some time to relax and swim. There are plenty of palm trees to give shade from the intense heat, while the food vendors provide a range of choice for beach side snacks and drinks. An Bang beach is a perfect destination for water sport activities like jet skiing and kayaking. Plus, there are many great hotel choices in the local area that range from luxury to cost-effective. A great time to visit this beach is from February to August.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang is one of the most popular and established beaches in the country to make a fantastic destination for the Vietnam beach holidays. Beyond the beauty of the bay and its surroundings, it is also great for scuba diving activities. This area has seen plenty of development with several high-rise resorts, which give the area an urban feel, although there are low-rise villa resorts out of town for those travellers wishing to get a break from the party atmosphere. The preferred time to visit this beach resort is between February and August.

Other worthwhile beach destinations in Vietnam include Mui Ne, Con Dao and Phu Quoc. Any of these destinations are certain to appeal to beach lovers who want to include some rest and relaxation time while travelling across the country.

It is essential and highly recommended to stay at a nice beach resort during your holiday in Vietnam. Few nights in Phu Quoc or Mui Ne will be perfect to relax and recover before taking the flight home.

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