Top destinations in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous area located in the Northweast of Vietnam. It is far from Hanoi about 300km and is one of the most stunning attractions in Vietnam adventure tours. The place attracts travelers not only in the charming natural scenery, friendly and hospitality people but also very nice local cuisine and interesting weekly markets. Coming to Ha Giang, most of travelers cannot skip Dong Van Plateau, Vuong palace, Quan Ba twin mountain, Khau Vai love market, Lung Cu flagpole, Dong Van old quarter or Hoang Shu Phi terraced fields, etc.


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1. Dong Van Karst plateau
From Ha Giang town, travelers will step into Quan Ba districts with spectacular and grandeur mountain scenery. In the journey to the rocky plateau, travelers can enjoy the beauty of Can Ty Pass. Dong Van karst plateau has 80% limestone, where is one of the most distinctive karst in Vietnam with black and majestic boulders. The shapes of boulders are created by environmental conditions and different stages of development.

2. Vuong’s palace
It is located in the beautiful valley in Dong Van district. Vuong's Palace is home to Vuong Duc Chinh and his son Vuong Chi Sinh. Vuong Duc Chinh was a mandarin under Nguyen Dynasty. He worked for Hoang Tu Binh - a land lord in the area. After that, Vuong Chinh Duc wined Hoang Tu Binh when Binh were old.

3. Quan Ba twin mountain
Around 40km far from Ha Giang town, Quan Ba twin mountain was formed by the movement of the Earth’s plates. With the total perimeter of almost 1,000 meters and area of approximately 3.6 hectares, the mountain is a beautiful symbol of Dong Van Plateau.

4. Lung Cu flagpole
About 24km from Dong Van district, Lung Cu flagpole is one of the most attractive destinations in Ha Giang that is meaningful for all Vietnamese. The flagpole is known as the "North pole of Fatherland". Therefore, most of people spend time on climbing Lung cu at least one times when they come to Ha Giang.

5. Khau Vai love market
Khau Vai love market is located in a wide valley and full of ethnic people. This is a unique market of Vietnam. There have colorful costumers of the ethnic groups like H’Mong, Dao, Giay, Nung. In the previous day, canvas-tents were built throughout the valley. In the evening, many couples will follow the mountainside to the Khau Vai love market on time. The girls, boys even elder are not hiding restless in the face.

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6. Hoang Su phi terraced fields
Besides Sapa terraced fields, Hoang Su Phu is the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam in general and Ha Giang in particular. The best time to admire the stunning beautiful of terraced field there is summer because it is time of rice crop. During this period, the fields looks like pieces of curved mirror, and later on September rice terrace fields in harvest season look like a vivid picture, with different colors and this will be the most beautiful time for photography tours.

7. Hill tribe markets
Hill tribe colorful markets are usually opened from early 5am until 3pm or 4pm. On that day, the local people from all villages flock to join the market. Everyone dresses in colorful clothes and brings along anything they can from the chickens to the pigs, the dresses, the crafts, the bundle of vegetables they harvested in the garden or the sharp knifes. They exchange their goods, sell what they have and buy things they need.

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