Simple reasons you should visit Vietnam

Vietnam holiday discloses both the beauty and ennery of this vibrant coutry. Its colorful past it filled with imperial dynasties, French colonist and riotous years of war, mix to form a dynamic culture that is ever – present.

Visitors come to Vietnam are welcomed with open arms, eager to flaunt their country’s natural beauty, modern metropolises and ancient cities, by beautiful lanscape, friendly people and last but not least, that is the declisou cuisine. All bove information urges you to travel to Vietnam to get the great experience. You will have chance to discover beaches, mountains, culture and history. Let us give you main reasons to travel to Vietnam.

reason for travel to vietnam

Beautiful landcape:

It is no doubt that, Vietnam has a lot of landscapes entire the country, many of them have become World heritage such as: Halong bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave, Hoian ancient town street, folk song in Bac Ninh,… these are recognized for their intense beauty. Beside these landscape, we can not forget some of intesting as Dalat, it is picturesque, romantic place with many kinds of flowers surrounding or French style villas sitting next to pine forest and bordered by strawberry garden. Traditional village like Dong Ho in Bac Ninh province or Van Phuc Silk in Hanoi or Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh province. These are examplifies for the no-name beauty of Vietnam. Travel to Vietnam to visit those sites, you will not be disappoointed.

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Friendly and hospitality Vietnamese

Vietnamese has interesting tradition, that is friendly and hospitality. Like other neighbor countries in Southest Asia. Vietnam has a precious treasure: that is people. Even you are not Vietnamese, you will be warmly welcomed by smiles and kind helps from local in everywhere you go. People from Hue, for example, are famous all over the country for their royal-like attitude: gentle and sweet. They are also very honest people. If you have time to spend in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, you will be suppried by local people living in a gentle way – most of them are local farmers. So impressed!

hanoi friendly people

On budget

Vietnam is a well-known destination among budget travellers. Though the price is increasing monthly at a discountenance rate, it is still much cheaper than travelling in any other countries in the world. For example: a 5 star resort in Hanoi will cost you an equivalent amount to a 3 star hotel in Western. Moreover, there are plenty of hostels and guest-houses in most cities. It is very easy to get good in all streets in the cities, when they come to Vietnam, they all try street food tour which is of of the best food in the world. That says, even in biggest  luxury areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can spend whole day with 15USD.

Coffee and coffee

Coffee is very famous in every area in Vietnam, you can find a good coffee even in the coner of Hanoi or city. You can taste black coffee (Ca phe den) or Ice coffee; you will never forget Vietnam by watching life goes by on the conner of the street. There are a lot of choices of good café in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities, you can come to try.

Getting travel experience

Vietnam is a rich country of Vietnam has all the off-the-beaten-path experience that you are all looking for. From staying with an family in the tribe in the Northern mountain area to taking photos over the sunrise in Hoi An or sand-surfing with local kids in Mui Ne- you name them all. There are a lot of places in Vietnam to discover to get experience all about your self to find the best part you wish to see most. You can have overview when reading our “Best tour of Vietnam” package for more suggestions.

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Delious cuisines

We have chance to welcome a lot of visitors from all over the world. When asking to food of Vietnam, all of them have the same answer: “your food is so delicous and special”. Vietnamese food goes beyond pho and spring rolls and varies by regions: fresh vegetables continue to dominate the tables, while meat and poultry are rising in popularity. You can easily find many of fresh seafood caught in the morning and served in your dinner at very affordable price when you travel to Halong bay, Hoian, Danang or any places near the beach. You can spend arround 10usd for a person to get a delious meal.

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Natural interest

Some people think that, Vietnam is more than just its war memory: its natural resources are something worth talking about. You can enjoy a variety of activities you could never enjoyed back in your country such as: hiking to mountain in Sapa, camping and bird-watching in the tropical forest of Cuc Phuong or Cat Ba; renting a jeep and touring Cat Tien national park; swimming in Halong bay or home stay in countryside such as Mekong Delta or Sapa. Thought some part of nature here in Vietnam, tourism has broght a lot of commercial acitivities but there are still many parts keep nature to see and enjoy.

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Traditional festivals

Thanks to its long history, rich tradition and Buddhist influence, Vietnam has festivals all year round. Many of which are much different or nerver seen in the West and really fun to learn about. Tet holiday, for example, is an marverolous time to see how families celebrate their love for their ancestors and for another. You can celebrate the Lunar New Year in many ways, but modified with a Vietnamese feel in it. Especially, in the countryside, people spend night and make chung cake- over a bit of fire and some end-of-year gossips. In Hai Phong, a well-known occasion is buffalo fighting festival: the winning buffalo will be  killed and presented to the village God. Even public holidays in Vietnam are worth joining: come to Vietnam on the 2nd of September and you will see nation-wide parades. The whole streets will be lighted by the red flags- and fireworks take over the sky at night. All are very unique and you can learn a lot from Festivals in Vietnam.

traditional festival hanoi

World famous beaches

We are proud to say that, Vietnam has many famous beaches which are more relaxing than spending time in the blue water under the shining sun. Let the waves of Phu Quoc, Hoian or Mui Ne attennuate all the stress of the busy day-to-day life. Vietnam has of the numerous world’s top beach listing. All of them are very safe to swim and there are opportunities for water-sport activities as well. For example, in Phu Quoc island, you can do swimming or snorkning. In Hoian, enjoy one of the famous resort by romantic get away for couples and families. In Mui Ne, enjoy the quite with some added wildness while planning for your seafood dinner venture. For beach fans, Vietnam should be your first choice.

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