7 Reasons to explore Phu Quoc

When travelling to a country like Vietnam, a visit to a beautiful beach is a must on your itinerary. Phu Quoc Island is definitely worth a visit when you want to relax at the beach and eat lots of seafood. The largest island calling itself Phu Quoc is part of an archipelago consisting of 22 beautiful islands here. It is also called another name is “Emerald Island” for its natural treasures and its tourism potential. So 7 following reasons will convince you not to miss Phu Quoc in your Vietnam family tour to discover the South of Vietnam.

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1. Beautiful beaches

With its very wide area, Phu Quoc has lots of beaches flat and limpid including "Bãi Sao" is the most famous. The sand in the shape of a crescent embracing the turquoise water throughout more than 7 km. This draws a scenic delightful. In addition, fishing and scuba diving are popular visitor activities. Besides, extending over 70% of the territory of the island, Phu Quoc National Park is considered an ideal shelter for many plants and animals. Hike or picnic outdoors is a perfect choice for people who love nature.

2. Delicious seafood and cheap

It would be a shame if you do not taste of seafood during your trip here. In fact, everything is very fresh. This is because indigenous consume fish caught locally, instead of transporting it to the mainland. Go to the night market and address by chance to a small restaurant to sidewalks, enjoy delicious food with reasonable prices, just 300,000 to 500,000 VND for a good meal for 4 people.

3. The gardens of pepper

Phu Quoc pepper is known for its pungent and strong taste. The green rows of pepper quite straight you certainly enthrall. After visiting these gardens, you can buy different products such as pepper, pepper, roasted pepper, pepper marinated in vinegar ... for your family and friends.

4. The juice and wine myrtle "Simson"

Arriving at Phu Quoc, you are invited to sample the myrtle wine "Simson" if you are a man; and myrtle juice is devoted to children and women. In fact, a visit myrtle forest and a distillery usually appear in a route to discover this land.

5. The manufacture of fish sauce 'nước mắm "

Vietnam is known for fish sauce, especially with the brand Phu Quoc. Coming a facility where we produce this sauce, you will be surprised huge wooden crates and the salty smell of the "nước mắm" pure. You will have the chance to taste some "nước mắm" here, and you can buy some bottles if you like.

6. Pearl farming

Have you ever wondered how we had a pearl? Artisans in Phu Quoc will explain the procedure breeding pearl oysters, how to pick up beads and how to make jewelry.

7. Phu Quoc Prison

A historical site not to be missed during your trip to this island is Phu Quoc prison. You not only the terrible crime of colonialism, but also better understand the heroic tradition of the Vietnamese.

Moreover, you can easily visit Cambodia by speedboat, yacht or plane. After just two hours, you will be present in Sihanoukville - a beautiful seaside destination in Cambodia.


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