Top reasons for a Thailand tour

Thailand is one of the most tourist countries in Asia. Not without reason. It is also a destination where it is easy to travel with your family and your friends. Here is a short review of the main reasons for a trip to Thailand.

1. People

Thailand is considered to be the land of smiles. The development of mass tourism has somewhat undermined that reputation. This is especially true on certain islands and tourist places but elsewhere, especially in the northern mountains, you will always be greeted with a smile!

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2. Food

Thai food is one of the most reputable in Asia. It is indeed very diverse and affordable. The food sold in the streets of the capital are a delight!

3. The cost of living

Traveling in Thailand is cheap. It is possible to travel to Thailand for a budget from 25 dollar per day by sleeping in rudimentary guesthouses or youth hostel (available from 12 dollar a night) and eating in local restaurants or in the stalls of markets. For comfort (air conditioned room, meals in mid-range restaurants ...), count about 50 dollar per day

4. Islands and beaches

One of the big strengths of the country. Thailand has a large number of islands in the Gulf of Siam and on the other side, in the Andaman Sea. Beautiful beaches and especially one of the most popular places in the world for diving!


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