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Is Cambodia a safe country to travel?

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Cambodia holiday? These days Cambodia is a relatively safe country by world standards. Usual common sense precautions are advisable, especially in Phnom Penh. Avoid poorly lit streets at night and take taxis rather than cyclos. Always keep a photocopy of your passport, airline tickets and credit card numbers, and a detailed record of your traveler's checks. You should leave valuables in hotel safety deposit boxes wherever possible. In Phnom Penh in particular, we recommend you wear as little jewelry as possible and keep your spending money close to your body in a secure place when out on the street.

I'm traveling alone - is it safe to go out at night?
Indochinavalue chooses the hotels which are centrally located in safe neighborhoods however we do advise against walking alone at night in Phnom Penh. Most hotels we use have a restaurant or can arrange a tuk-tuk or a taxi to take you directly to your destination. To assist in finding your way back to your hotel, make sure you obtain a hotel address card, to show the driver where you want to go.

Is Cambodia a good place to take children?
Cambodia is very child-friendly. If you are traveling with children aged 5-17, our Family Journeys, featuring a combination of fun and educational activities, might best suit your needs. Some hotels cater well to families with triple share options, or adjoining rooms.



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